MISG 2016

The Mathematics in Industry Study Group (MISG) workshop will be hosted by the University of South Australia from 2016 until 2018. The first of the three workshops will be held at the City West campus in Adelaide, from 1-5 February 2016.

Registration is now open for MISG 2016. Over the coming months we will post more details about the 2016 workshop and industry problems.

Meanwhile, contact Dr Peter Pudney if you would like more information about MISG.

MISG 2015 Update

This year marked the final for QUT in its most recent three-year role as host of the MISG, which has operated in Australia since 1984.

While the MISG will continue with a new host from 2016, QUT will continue its role during the transition to ensure industry reports are distributed, and technical reports for each project are published via ANZIAM J(E).

As the event coordination transitions to the new host, please continue to contact Associate Professor Troy Farrell for information regarding MISG 2013-2015.

QUT is honoured to have again hosted such a long-running and beneficial event for mathematicians, government and industry professionals alike, and looks forward to the continued tradition for years to come.

Mathematics in Industry Study Group

Past projects

Past projects brought to MISG have come from a variety of industries and organisations including Transport and Main Roads (The Queensland Government), Bechtel, CSIRO, Australian Bureau of Statistics, and Australian Institute of Marine Science.

MISG Industry projects 2014

MISG Industry projects 2013

Summary reports

Every MISG industry partner receives a brief summary report immediately following the MISG workshop. These reports capture the essence of what was achieved during the workshop and summarize the (often ongoing) work that will be discussed in full technical detail in the final report.

MISG Summary Reports 2014

MISG Summary Reports 2013