Mathematics in Industry Study Group

Problems solved by one of the world’s longest running mathematics think tanks, in a five day intensive workshop.

Hosted by QUT from 27 Jan. – 31 Jan. 2015

Industry Projects Announced

We are pleased to announce that five exciting and challenging industry projects, and associated partner organisations, have been selected for MISG 2015. For details of these please  see our Industry projects 2015 page.

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Further information specific to MISG 2015 is here and on MISG in general is here.

Registrations are Open

Working on MISG industry projects entitles you to attend the workshop’s social activities and dinner free of charge. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping out our industry partners. To do this however, you must register.


Professor Thomas Witelski

Thomas Witelski is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University.

Thomas Witelski

Tom Witelski is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Duke University. After undergraduate training in engineering at the Cooper Union School of Engineering, he received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Caltech for work on problems in nonlinear diffusion.

His research uses perturbation methods, asymptotics and numerical approaches to study applied questions in fluid dynamics, nonlinear partial differential equations and dynamical systems.

He is the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Engineering Mathematics and also serves on the editorial boards for the European Journal of Applied Mathematics and Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Series B. He has been an active participant in the Mathematical Problems in Industry (MPI) study group series in the US.

Read more about Tom Witelski

Dr Michael Brunig

Dr Michael Brünig is Acting Director of CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Flagship

Dr Michael Brünig

Dr Michael Brünig is Acting Director of CSIRO’s Digital Productivity Flagship, which aims to create $4bn per annum in added value for the Australian economy by developing and delivering more efficient and innovative services that improve people’s wellbeing and prosperity. He is also Executive Manager of the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies, a large engineering research site, hosting R&D centres from industry and government agencies.

Michael’s research interests include sensor networks, autonomous systems, computer vision, human computer interaction and computational intelligence. His projects have received numerous prestigious awards. He has published a book and more than 50 papers in technical journals or conference proceedings with more than 500 lifetime citations.

Read more about Dr Michael Brünig

Past projects

Past projects brought to MISG have come from a variety of industries and organisations including Transport and Main Roads (The Queensland Government), Bechtel, CSIRO, Australian Bureau of Statistics, and Australian Institute of Marine Science.

MISG Industry projects 2014

MISG Industry projects 2013

Summary reports

Every MISG industry partner receives a brief summary report immediately following the MISG workshop. These reports capture the essence of (usually in layman’s terms) what was achieved during the workshop and summarize the (often ongoing) work that will be discussed in full technical detail in the final report.

MISG Summary Reports 2014

MISG Summary Reports 2013


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