MISG 2015

QUT hosted the MISG 2015 at the  QUT Science and Engineering Centre (P Block),  2 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4001, between  27 Jan. – 31 Jan. 2015

The MISG provides business with access to a set of high calibre professionals, tools and technologies that aim to improve capacity and capability in problem solving and decision making. More than 100 world leading applied mathematicians, statisticians and physical scientists attend ISG workshops annually, to apply their skills to business participant challenges.

Academic, researcher and higher degree research student participants can assist industry to:

  • develop new technologies
  • add competitive value to existing technologies
  • provide tools to analyse your current data
  • underpin service industries
  • provide expertise to monitor, predict and solve the quantitative technical business challenges.


The 2015 industry projects included those presented by the following participants:

  • Centor
  • Cook Medical
  • CRC Si
  • Sunwater
  • Transpower

Project reports for recent MISG workshops are available via the following links:

Technical reports are published in the ANZIAM J(E).


MISG speakers are leaders in their field and are invited to talk about a range of contemporary issues relating to industry, communities or society, and how mathematics can contribute solutions to challenging problems.

2015 MISG speakers included:

  • Professor Tom Witelski
  • Professor Peter Coaldrake AO

Read more about the 2015 Speakers


MISG events typically involve the following activities:

  • domestic and international speakers
  • industry challenge briefings
  • workshop programs
  • annual dinner
  • solutions presentation
  • official opening and closing ceremonies attended by participants and dignitaries
  • social events

A record of 2015 events is detailed in the 2015 MISG Program


MISG receives acclaim from industry partners as a low cost, high yield investment in problem solving. Some partners have implemented MISG practices directly following the workshops, while others have expanded their investment into collaborative research partnerships to solve even larger business challenges.