Past projects

Here is a list of projects from recent MISG events.

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  • Structural modelling of deformable screens for large door openings
  • Management of stock levels for the manufacture of aortic stents
  • Modelling the effects of property addressing uncertainty
  • Pressure drop in pipelines due to pump trip events
  • Modelling the probable maximum precipitation for large catchments
  • Optimal reserves allocation [for electricity distribution networks]


  • Using seaweed to enhance ethanol production
  • Optimisation of the thermal and structural performance of an integrated patio door
  • The flow of non-Newtonian fluids in open channels
  • Transport mode and cluster separation in road traffic network travel times
  • Determining the porosity of energy materials
  • Determining optimal cheese brining times


  • Disclosure-protected regression coefficients with linked micro-data
  • Meta-analysis of coral reef biodiversity
  • Can we predict how cheese matures?
  • Estimating the incidence and prevalence of sexually transmissible infections in Australia
  • Uptake of agrichemicals through plant leaves
  • Adaptive real-time optimisation of offsets for traffic signal coordination in a network


  • What is the optimum regime for calibration bias adjustments
  • Pattern recognition and segmentation of smart [electricity] meter data
  • How far can a simplified [electricity] network rights auction be extended?
  • Wind hazard assessment


  • Allowing for ”worst-case” wind farm correlations in delivering secure power system operations
  • Vanadium recovery during steel production from iron sand
  • Test procedure equivalence
  • Setting water quality objectives to ensure the health of freshwater fish
  • Capability management, fleet management and sustainability


  • Understanding the abnormal brain activity in epilepsy as a potential predictor of the onset of an epileptic seizure
  • Taxonomic analysis of marine phytoplankton
  • Geothermal data analysis and optimisation
  • Influence diagrams to support decision making


  • Slumping of steel coils
  • Coating deformation in the jet stripping process
  • Provenance of sedimentary rocks
  • VaR for electricity derivatives
  • Effective communication in a virtual dungeon


  • [Maintaining confidentiality in tabulated data]
  • Tsunami modelling
  • Diagnostic testing for earnings simulation engines in the Australian electricity market
  • Optimal hedging strategies for Australian electricity retailers
  • Cold point determination in heat treated steel coils
  • The shelf life of wine
  • The response of power systems to autonomous “grid friendly” devices


  • Strip track-off and buckling between transport rolls
  • Application of the non-stationary travelling salesman problem to maritime surveillance
  • Calibrating mean reverting jump diffusion models
  • Calculation of a risk measure for the [electricity network] system load profile
  • Operating and planning an electricity transmission grid to maximise the contribution of wind
  • Determining the independence of various measures of financial risk