MISG 2019

MISG 2019 will be held from Monday 21 January until Friday 25 January 2019 in Adelaide, at the City West campus of the University of South Australia.

Registration on Monday morning will in the courtyard to the north of the Sir Hans Heyson (HH) building. The welcome address will be in the Barbara Hanrahan building, room BH2-09. Work rooms will be in the Jeffrey Smart (JS) building, south of Hindley Street.

There are plenty of nearby accommodation options within walking distance of the campus.

Dinner on Wednesday evening will be held at MOD.

At MISG 2019 we will work on the Explorer Challenge.

The data for this problem is publicly available, and we have a geologist to help out on the problem.

The format of the event will be the same as a conventional study group—we will hear about the problem on the first day, and then split into teams who can compete against each other to devise and test solution methods over the next three days. Final solutions will be presented on the Friday morning. Some teams may even go on to enter the real Explorer Challenge.