MISG 2017

The Mathematics in Industry Study Group (MISG) workshop will be held at the University of South Australia until 2018.

MISG 2017 ran from 13-17 February 2017. It was opened by Emeritus Professor John Ockendon from Oxford University, who was instrumental in setting up study groups around the world.

We had about 65 delegates at MISG 2017, of which about one-third were PhD students. Most delegates were from Australia, but we also had visitors from the UK, Europe, Japan and Korea.

The delegates tackled four industry problems:

  • analysing the lateness of UK passenger trains
  • determining the impact of safety cameras on road crashes
  • estimating the transonic drag of projectiles
  • developing electricity control and pricing mechanisms for micro-grids.

Summary reports on the outcomes will be posted within the next few months.

Please contact the MISG Director, A/Prof Peter Pudney, if you have any questions about MISG.

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