MISG 2013

We had 6 exciting and engaging industry projects for MISG 2013. Read about them here!

Queensland Chief Scientist Opens MISG 2013

Dr Geoff Garrett AO

Dr Geoff Garrett was appointed Queensland Chief Scientist from January 2011. A Cambridge graduate in metallurgy and an academic for 13 years, Geoff led two of the world’s major national research institutions – CSIR in South Africa (1995-2000) and CSIRO in Australia (2001-2008). A former South African ‘Engineer of the Year’ (1999), he is a recipient of the Centenary Medal for service to Australian society through science. In June 2008 he was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO).

Read Dr Garrett’s biography.

 International Guest

Professor Alistair Fitt

Professor Fitt, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Oxford Brookes University, travelled from the UK in January 2013 to attend the Mathematics in Industry Study Group workshop at QUT. Specialising in industrial applied mathematics research, he has published close to 100 research papers and has spent many years attending study groups with industry all over the world.

Professor Fitt says that the Australian Mathematics in Industry has been at the forefront of world industrial mathematics for many years. “Industry can benefit from having a diverse group of mathematical experts spend a whole week considering one of their problems in depth. This is usually something difficult to realise in a pure industrial setting” says Professor Fitt.

Professor Fitt’s recent publications

MISG Graduate School (22 to 26 Jan 2013)

Honours and Postgraduate students interested in Industrial and Applied Mathematics and taking their research to the next level attended the inaugural MISG Graduate School in January 2013. The program included world class Applied and Computational Mathematicians and provided an excellent lead into the MISG Workshop. Further information on the 2014 MISG Graduate School is here.